End User License Agreement (EULA)

Downloading any version of this Process Server’s Toolbox or Courier Server’s Toolbox is free for evaluation purposes. Some features are disabled until a subscription is activated by contacting Database Services at 1-800-842-4778 or support@dbsinfo.com.

Versions 7.0 and later of Process Server’s Toolbox include Microsoft SQL Server Express as an optional download. Some version of Microsoft SQL Server is required for Process Servers Toolbox ™ to run. Versions earlier than 7.0 can be used with Microsoft SQL Server but are not required.

By downloading this software you agree to use the software in the manner it was intended as a business automation tool. Decompiling, reverse engineering, hacking, patching, or general shenanigans are not permitted. The software itself is free to copy, back up, or distribute but is useless after the trial period without an active subscription.

After your subscription expires you may continue to use this software to access data that has already been entered without any charge. Many features will be disabled, but any work or data you complete prior to subscription expiration will be available in a read only format from within Process Server’s Toolbox.