Multiply the Power of PST with Web Services Pack (WSP) – our Connectivity Tool!

Being a successful process server means being able to connect with your Clients, your servers in the field, and other process serving companies who serve areas you don’t. With WSP you can instantly have all of these connections.

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Comprehensive Job Status

Client doesn’t want a ton of emails for status? Send them to the PST web status page ( where they can check on progress of all their work in one place. End the phone calls, end the endless lookups, get WSP and save your time for the things that really count.

to see a demo of what your clients will be able to see on-demand.

Trading Jobs Has Never Been Easier!

Trade jobs with any other PST user, and any other server using other software.

  • Trade seamlessly with the hundreds of other PST users directly in WSP
  • Trade with other process serving companies using other software via our Universal Trading Platform (UTP)
  • We also support NAPPS Secure Document Trading and can help you put the "Send Work Now" button on your website – ask us how!

Your Servers Can Update Their Jobs From the Field

Monitor your servers in the field and allow them to update jobs real-time via our PST Mobile app (iOS and Android).

  • Use our App on Android and iPhone.
  • Update jobs with service information.
  • Add attempts & GeoTag the attempts from the field! When PST downloads the update, you can pull up a map showing their location when an attempt was made.

Email Notification When Job Done or With Every Status Update

Send automatic emails to clients when the job is done.

  • PST can email your clients every time your server in the field makes an attempt or your office staff enters status comments on the job. You control whether or not comments entered by your servers in the field go through to the client automatically, or require office review first.
  • PST can email your clients a summary automatically when you finish a job. (see example on right)
  • You control it. Each client can have Job Done Emails, Status Emails, both, or neither.
  • Any Client can have multiple email addresses.